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What do you think of when you hear the words "movie night"? Does that make you want to grab a bowl of popcorn? What about some sweatpants or slippers? Inevitably, if you're like us, you'll also be reaching for your favorite fleece blanket. There's nothing quite like snuggling up with a plush blanket, especially if it has your favorite movie characters. Shop our selection of plush blankets and you'll be extra prepared for your next movie night!
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Care Bears Care-a-Lot Blanket_Update-1
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Dark Crystal 60x48 Throw Blanket
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Winnie the Pooh Tapestry Throw-update
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Pooh Hundred Acre Woods Tapestry Throw
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Beetlejuice Handbook Micro Raschel Throw
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NBC Starry Night Oversized Silk Touch Sherpa Throw
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Kids Care Bears Sleeping Bag-Update-1
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Friends Best City Tapestry Throw
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Doctor Strange Comic Madness Throw Blanket UPD
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Harry Potter Ravenclaw Crest Woven Tapestry Blanket
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Superman to the Rescue Sherpa Blanket
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Classic Cinderella Micro Raschel Throw Blanket
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Products 1 - 60 of 314

Are there any words in the English language more wonderful than, "comfy throw?" We can't think of anything. When you hear the words comfy throw you might just picture yourself laying back on a chilly Sunday afternoon cozying up by the fire on your lounge chair while watching your favorite movie. And in this fantasy what is covering you with a caramel smooth layer of warm fuzziness? That's right... a plush blanket! You can find one right here at and we can guarantee you're going to love kicking back, napping, and otherwise snuggling up with the comfiest throw blanket that ever threw.

So, what sorts of comfy blankets and throws await you in our selection? Well, we really have a little bit of everything when it comes to that. No matter what kind of soft and cozy style you're shopping for, we have something that's going to look and feel great! Whether you're looking for some video game-themed blankets or you want to buy a throw that will look great in your living room as an accent piece, we've got something for you. Or if you're looking to outfit a dorm room with something to snuggle up with on a movie marathon night, we've got that too.

How about a blanket you can wear? Yep! If you're shopping for one of those ultra-snuggle-worthy blankets that you can wear like a robe, you've come to the right place. We have styles based on superheroes, classic books, and plenty more! All you have to do is select the one that speaks to you, and you'll have the perfect way to keep cozy.

Blankets and Throws

What’s the difference between throws and blankets? We’ve been wondering about that for a while... and then we looked through our inventory and we realized that it didn’t matter. They’re all comfy and colorful and ready for some serious cuddling. The Shimmer and Shine throw has brilliant colors, a soft and fleecy texture, and sleeves to keep kids warm while bumming around the house on a slow Saturday morning. The Harry Potter robe comfy throw is similar, with attached sleeves keeping you warm no matter what you’re up to. The plush blankets are simpler. The little wolf blanket has a hood, making it extra fun for kids to wear. And the Superman blanket could be used as a colorful accent for a queen bed or slung over the back of a couch for instant warmth when you’re relaxing in the living room.

Go ahead and browse through our site. With a huge variety of sizes, materials, and themes, we have cozy blankets for everyone and every occasion. When the temperature drops and shivering is a main past time, it’s time to spread the warmth to your nearest and dearest!

Blankets and Throws

Christmas Throws and Blankets

Well, the weather outside is frightful but this blankie is so delightful. So as long as Christmas movies are on show, let it snow let it snow let it snow! Is there anything cozier than getting together with family and friends, eating delicious food, and watching movies with friends during the holidays? The timing for some serious laying around is perfect. Whether you’ve spent the day making snowmen or shoveling the sidewalks to make way for your guest, getting inside and cuddling under a fuzzy blanket is such a relief. When it’s kind of cold and wet outside so it’s time to take advantage of this fact with next level cozying up.

Ugly Christmas Reindeer Blanket

Ugly Christmas Reinderr Throw Blanket

Christmas sweaters have reached their peak! Although, we have noticed a lot of the prints we’re calling “ugly” are pretty darn cute! We totally understand why Christmas sweaters are back in style. There’s something about a Nordic print that makes you feel warmer when you simply look at it. This throw blanket is four foot by five foot, just big enough to throw over your shoulders when you get in from making a snowman outside. Want to spread warmth this winter? Whether you’re looking for that star-studded secret Santa gift or you want a cozy go-to blanket to keep at your desk at work you’ll be glad this ugly Christmas Reindeer print throw will be a favorite with family, friends, and coworkers alike!

Elf Blanket

Elf Buddy Throw

You’ve eaten the turkey and mashed potatoes. You’ve toasted to the holidays and sung all the carols. But here’s the thing, no holiday get together with family is complete without watching Christmas classics! The movie line up might change every year but ever since 2003, Elf has been a can’t-miss hit. How could you resist the innocent Will Ferrell antics? Who else guzzles maple syrup and makes you feel a little better about your holiday sugar intake? Who else will inspire you to cut a hundred paper snowflakes and make your home into a winter wonderland? Prepare for the holiday movie session by throwing this super soft Elf throw blanket over the arm of the couch. Hilarious movie quoting is sure to abound. It’s easy to feel the holly-jolly vibe when cheery Buddy is around!

Kid’s Blankets and Throws

Nap time. It’s what we all fight for. We fight to get our kids to take them. We fight to get time to take them ourselves. Why? Because napping makes everything better! And here’s the part that’s just not fair. Kids don’t understand how great napping is. At least, they don’t understand until they reach their teenage years. Then parent and child must fight for prime napping territory on weekends. Well, at least there’s one sure thing teens and parental units have in common!

Before your kids reach tweenhood, you can show them the napping light with these fleecy, cozy animal blankets. They’re sweet, they’re soft, and they’re almost irresistible to cuddle with. If there’s any way to show your child the cozy wonder of a midday nap, it’s by providing soft throws and blankets. The best part? Since they’re still small, you might even be able to share the couch!

Lazy One Critter Blankets

Moose Critter Blanket

The deep brown of this fleece blanket will work with shabby chic décor. A nature-themed moose blanket can be kept at Grandma and Grandpa’s cabin to make nap time on vacation extra special. Or you can roll it up and keep it in the car to be prepared for a tired kid when you’re driving home from a hike in the woods. Or simply keep it on hand in the living room for a wild touch to cozy décor. Comfy Critter blankets roll up neatly so it won’t add a lot of bulk to your blanket basket. You’ll also love looking through the other animals for your wild little bunch. From bright owls to cuddly caterpillars, there are animal throws for every kind of kid!

Comfy Critter Blankets

Comfy Critter Blankets

Children’s blankets and throws should inspire extra-special dreams. These comfy critters blankies are a great way to make nap time a breeze! Each creature can be tucked into a pillow shape that’s great for traveling. Your child can slip the fox throw under their head in the car when it’s in pillow mode. You can spread out the Paw Patrol Skye Comfy Critter when traveling at the airport all becomes too much, and naptime needs to happen “right now!”. Whether you’re at home or on the road, a Comfy critter blanket will come to your sleepy-time aid time and time again.

Star Wars Blankets and Throws

We all love a Star Wars marathon. Who doesn’t want to relive the moment when holographic Leia begs for help from Obi-Wan Kenobi from far, far away? Or quote along with Obi-wan when he suavely says, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” Understandably, watching all the movies in one weekend is a ritual for plenty of Star Wars fans. Why wouldn’t you want to have plenty of Star Wars themed throws ready to grab on the way to the couch? This is a great way to make people nice and comfy, so they won’t miss a moment of those epic adventures in a galaxy far, far away!

Chewbacca Comfy Throw

Chewbacca Comfy Throw

This comfy throw has all the Chewie without any of the shedding issues. While you probably won’t be flying the Millennium Falcon in the fleecy sleeves and high neck cowl of this Chewbacca throw, you’ll still be able to get up and serve yourself some popcorn or check who played C3PO on your phone. And if you’re looking for something special for that fellow Star Wars fan in your life, this snuggie throw is the perfect gift for your favorite copilot!

Darth Vader Throw

Star Wars Darth Vader Throw

Want to add a little color to your living room décor? This Darth Vader throw has all the drama you could ask for. But don’t let the dark, stylish nature “throw” you off, the fleecy texture of Darth’s Blanket is warm and cozy as well. The licensed blanket will be one of your favorite blankets no matter which episode of Star Wars you’re on. Hey, if you want to get crazy, you don’t even have to watch Stars Wars while cuddling under this microfiber throw! You could watch any space-themed movie your heart desires. Darth is just there to make sure you don’t forget the one franchise that really matters.

NFL Blankets and Throws

It’s Sunday night, football is on. There’s a crockpot full of chili cheese dip bubbling in a dining room, a fridge full of drinks, and plenty of jalapeno poppers on the coffee table. Everyone is ready to hoot and holler for their team. The spirit will rise even higher when you’ve got Seahawks, Vikings, or Steelers blankets and throws. If you want to keep the team spirit high, then keep your friends and family warm with these licensed NFL blankets. And who knows, someone might throw you a pair of stadium seat tickets. Now you’ve got the perfect fleece blanket to keep the chills at bay while you’re cheering your team on. Maybe you’ll even be kiss-cam ready!

Pittsburgh Steelers Fleece Throw

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Throw

Make sure your den, man cave, or living room (or wherever you watch your team play) honors your team with a licensed throw that’ll keep you warm through the ups and downs of the football season. It’ll also make a great victory cape for the times when the Steelers are doing you proud. Embrace each and every Sunday game with this bright and cheerful licensed Pittsburgh Steelers fleece throw.

Cowboys Comfy Throw

Dallas Cowboys Comfy Throw

You can’t just sit back and watch every game. You’ve got phones to charge, queso to pass, and pizza guys to greet at the door. Because of these many weekend activities, sometimes a plain plush blanket just isn’t going to cut it. Sometimes watching football calls for a throw with sleeves. And it’s just as well because you’ll look like you stepped off the field with this hilarious throw. Make your team proud and your family giggle with this muscly licensed Coyboys throw. Sure, you might not have a contract with the Cowboys but at least you’re nice and warm, right?