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Products 1 - 23 of 23

Being the son or the daughter of a Disney villain would come with its own challenges. Constant pressure from your parents to be "evil" would be a lot to deal with, plus having a mom that could turn into a fire-breathing dragon at any minute would be terrifying. Perhaps it's best to just pretend to be one of the Descendants by wearing one off our officially licensed costumes. Wearing an Evie costume, which comes with a dress, jacket, leggings, and fingerless gloves is a lot more lowkey than being the daughter of the Evil Queen herself. 

Along with costumes and colored wigs, we also have Descendants Pop! figured for Disney fans who rather collect merchandise than dress up like their favorite character. Start or complete your collection with any one of our Descendants vinyl figures. We currently have Evie, Carlos, and Jay and they'd love taking a break from hanging with their villainous parents to come hang out with you.