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We know you love gathering your friends at the table for an evening of adventuring into the depths of the dungeons and fighting off a host of mysterious monsters. But sometimes that just isn't enough. If scheduling a game is getting tough or you simply need to set the scene, we have some great Dungeons and Dragons gift ideas to bring the hit tabletop role-playing game to life. (We can't promise any bonus XP from your DM.)
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Dungeons Dragons Beholder Dad Hat
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Dungeons and Dragons RPG Adventure Grid
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Dungeons and Dragons 750PC Jigsaw
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Products 1 - 60 of 78

Legends tell of dark days before its creation. Countless icosahedrons were left untouched, useless without a chorus of excited cheers every time it would land upon a gleaming '20.' But, then, 1974 came and the very first incarnation of Dungeons and Dragons came to be. Before long, hosts of friends would gather at tables, creating characters and delving into dungeons that were intricately created by crafty and insidious minds. It's been a few years (and several editions) and D&D is more popular now than ever before. Of course, with busy lives, the biggest boss that any adventuring party will face is scheduling time to get together! Fortunately, there are some great Dungeons and Dragons gifts that can help keep the fun going between games. 

Perhaps you'd like to wear your fandom on your sleeve. (Who doesn't!?) Let everyone at work, school, or even while you're adventuring out and about know that you're part of the coolest crew out there. Sport a Dungeons and Dragons hat or some D&D t-shirts and you might even attract a few new players to your table. We keep a rotating variety of Dungeons and Dragons apparel around, so check things out so you can add them to your inventory! 

Of course, that's not all. Set the gaming tone around your home when you pick up some gifts for Dungeons and Dragons Players and Dungeon Masters alike. Light up your play area with decorative D&D lamps and keep those writing implements handy with D&D-themed cups and pencil-holders. And if you love D&D miniatures, you're going to flip when you realize that you can get your hands on some officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons Funko Pop figures, too. From the cast of Critical Role to some of the iconic creatures that dwell in the Monster Manual, you never know what delightful treasures you might find. 

If you have some players who are totally new to the game, help them feel like they are part of the group when you pick up the Dungeons and Dragons books and accessories. Look up those notorious grappling rules, discover strange and wondrous monsters, and get combat down to an art with adventure grids and a set of shiny metalfigs. In no time, your dedicated group will be confronting the iconic red dragon and telling tales for days to come! 

Of course, there is plenty to do between your game sessions, too! Explore all new adventures when you play some of the officially licensed Dungeons and Dragons board games, too. You won't have to have a Dungeon Master working overtime when you explore Castle Ravenloft or attempt to silence the wrath of Ashardalon thanks to our collection of cooperative D&D games. From 15-minute distractions to virtual campaigns that can take up a whole game night, you're sure to find something your group will love!