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You can find the best gifts for Game of Thrones fans right here at! We have a variety of gifts from shirts to collectibles to accessories from all your favorite Houses Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, and Targaryen. Browse our selection of Game of Thrones gifts for any Fire and Ice fan.
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Fantasy Woodland Crown
Game of Thrones Stark Sigil Silicone Baking Tray
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POP TV Game of Thrones Arya Training
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Game of Thrones: Fire & Ice Men's Black T-Shirt Update1
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Funko POP TV Game of Thrones Tyrion w Shield
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POP TV Game of Thrones Drogon IRON
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Game of Thrones All Houses Sigil Men's Gray T-Shirt
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Game of Thrones Westeros Map Wall Décor
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Game of Thrones Winter is Here Navy Men's T-Shirt
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Game of Thrones Foam Khal Drogo's Arakh Sword-0
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Fiery Queen Women's Costume
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Women's Dragon Queen Wig
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Womens Dragon Beauty Costume
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Products 1 - 60 of 129

George R.R. Martin loves to take out all your favorite characters mercilessly (no spoilers here!) but we would never do that to you. No, we'd like to OFFER you all your favorite characters, House sigils, and other Westeros products without any strings attached, besides the normal transaction of payment. We can't promise old George won't knock off your beloved character from the books, but nobody will take your POP! vinyl of Tyrion away, no sir! We have a ton of great stuff from the HBO show Game of Thrones so you can show everyone at work or at home just who your allegiance is with, whether it be Lannister, Stark, or Targaryen. If you need Game of Thrones gift ideas, we're here for inspiration and provide you with a large selection of Game of Thrones figures and gifts for every fan of the show!

What a better way to show your love and support for your significant other with a Mother of Dragons sleep set to be the most comfortable while watching the final season 8. We have thoughtful gifts like these, and much more Game of Thrones gifts for her. Or make sure he has the best way to watch the final six episodes of GoT with a Game of Thrones stein or goblet to drink ale or red wine just like Tyrion Lannister. Of course, you could always make it a Khaleesi and Drogo moment when you purchase a soft Game of Thrones throw blanket to snuggle up together to watch the finale. 

Game of Thrones Gifts

Game of Thrones Gifts

In Westeros, a gift freely given tends to be a thing of suspicion! One has to wonder what it means to accept a rose from House Tyrell or anything from House Lannister. Whether you want to play a ploy in your own war for the Iron Throne, show your true allegiance to a friend of a neighboring House, or show off the accomplishments that you’ve achieved, we have the best Game of Thrones gifts available. Turn a den into a living moment from the hit HBO show. Accent your George R.R. Martin books or Blu-Ray collections with Targaryen or Stark collectibles. Show those Lannisters that buying the actual Iron Throne could have even worked out if they weren’t so sneaky about it! No matter what goals you have, these cool Game of Thrones gifts will show all that you know winter is coming, but you’re ready for it!

Game of Thrones Gifts for Him

Game of Thrones Gifts for Him

What is the day in the life of a would-be warrior? How does he decorate his den? What does he do to prepare for the coming winter? He should start by singing a drinking song of fire and ice with a Targaryen mug and then get ready for anything. Then, he’ll want to keep his mind and body in tip-top shape by practicing martial prowess with a Night’s Watch sword and playing a tactical game of thrones with a themed game of Catan! What better way to enjoy the warm-up to the next season?! Of course, when it is time to venture out on the quest, help him carry out all his tasks and carry all his gifts for Game of Thrones fans with a Game of Thrones Westeros and Essos Map Backpack. (Just tell him to watch out for roaming Lannisters!)

Game of Thrones Gifts for Her

Game of Thrones Gifts for Her

Whether or not the Iron Throne is fated for Jon Snow, everyone knows that the Seven Kingdoms will be best off in the hands of the Mother of Dragons. But really, so long as we have a queen on the Iron Throne, we can be certain that the White Walkers will eventually bow down...whether she lights the way with a House Stark candle or stares down the competition while waving a Lannister pennant. Once our new queen has claimed the throne, she’ll need to make the place her own. Maybe a grand celebration? Your best gal pal will love turning the gathering into a game of houses when her guests choose one of these House coasters. How else does one know her friends from enemies?

Game of Thrones Apparel

With a story as popular and widespread as Game of Thrones, you can hardly wear certain colors without folks immediately suspecting a connection to one of the Great Houses. That can make for some awkward moments when you are clearly a Stark but are caught wearing the gold of House Lannister! Much better to lean into your House and display the heraldry in full. It almost always ensures that you’ll find friends while wandering the roads. Our selections of Game of Thrones clothing will have you feeling like you’re a part of the epic tale (and all without having to face the creatures of the Night King).

Stark Hoodie

Game of Thrones Stark Hoodie

The Starks have warned us all since the very beginning that winter is always coming. Even when we’re lucky enough to live in a long summer, it’s always around the corner. And—wow!—doesn’t it come in like a lion?! Show the Stark honor and armor yourself up against the other Houses all while feeling comfy whether its winter or summer. Maybe a Stark Hoodie that features the heraldry and colors of all our most favorite house?

Targaryen T-Shirt

Game of Thrones Targaryen Shirt

Remember when Game of Thrones started out and everyone just kept waiting for the fantasy to show up? We had all sorts of ideas of zombies and dragons and magic...and dragons. But, each episode just ticked away and...nothing! But then she came and reminded us all why we wanted to be House Targaryen. Immunity to fire? Mother to three Dragons?! Feel the might of the House of Fire and Blood and join with the Breaker of Chains with a House Targaryen tee!

Stark Beanie

Game of Thrones Stark Beanie

While Daenerys is fortunate enough to be singing the fire part of the song, House Stark and the rest of the North gets to handle all the cold. You’ll feel right at home at the border of the wilds when you’re wearing a knit cap with the Stark sigil, though. You can imagine it is made of wolf pelt and that you’ve proven yourself capable of surviving the coming winter. Or are you just trying to hide those golden locks with a hat while you invade Winterfell?!

Targaryen Hat

Game of Thrones Targaryen Cap

The Mother of Dragons does a fine job resisting the heat in the East. Sadly, the rest of us don’t all have that rich Targaryen blood. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to spend time with the dragons, though! Some manage to come up with some odd tricks, like those Dragon Ball buddies, but who has the time for that? Become the Dad of Dragons by showing off some Targaryen style with a Dragonstone Sigil Cap. That way you can start small and beat the heat!

Game of Thrones Collectibles

When you love something like Game of Thrones, you pretty much know going in that it is going to be a dramatic relationship. Lots of ups and downs...and those downs are going to go really low. The Red Wedding, anyone? (We probably should have known that anything called Red anything was going to be disastrous.) Still, even the tragic parts of this groundbreaking show have created some pretty epic moments that deserve to be remembered as long as the Iron Throne stands. That’s where the right collectibles can instantly make the proud moments seem greater and the desperate ones just a little easier to digest (or at least share with others). What’s the point of a throne room without treasures, after all?

Iron Throne Replica

Iron Throne Replica

Many have vied for the Iron Throne over its 300-some years of resting on the dais of King’s Landing. Certainly, there are more going for it in current years than there had been in the previous generations, but what’s what happens when you let someone like Joffrey sit on it! And why wouldn’t they fight for it? 1,000 melted-down swords of the defeated might not be especially comfortable, but that’s quite a sight to see. With this Iron Throne replica, you can have all the glory without having to face down all of the Seven Kingdoms to do so!

Collectible Stark Shield Replica

Game of Thrones Collectible Steel Stark Infantry Shield

No matter who you want to sit on the Iron Throne, we collectively agree that House Stark would make the more honorable of options. Something about that proud direwolf growl and the fact that their House Words are a warning to all rather than a boast about just instills a sense of confidence! That’s probably why they keep getting targeted by everyone else! Before George decides to wipe all our beloved Starks from Westeros, help guard Winterfell’s rightful rulers with a real to life steel Stark shield. You might luck out and get some Valyrian steel!

Drogon and Daenerys Pop Vinyl Set

Daenerys and Drogon Game of Thrones POP! Figure

If you’ve been watching or reading since the first season of Game of Thrones, you’ve been waiting for it. You heard the whispers and outright proclamations: “the dragons have been dead for over a century!” All that meant to everyone was that they were definitely coming back. And, we all went on the quest with “Dany” as she raised the little critters from wyrmlings to flying beasts. Well, time to cheer and celebrate the time that the Dragonriders finally return to the world with an epic Daenerys and Drogon vinyl figure and let all know you saw it coming!

Winterfell Sculpture

Game of Thrones Winterfell Desktop Sculpture

When you hear the deep hums of the Game of Thrones main theme beginning, you know adventure is about to begin. You might be able to envision the opening without even seeing it. The map comes to life, gears spinning as the game begins to start. Proud cities rise up from the map and create the whole living world of Westeros. You could practically pluck one out and hold it in your hands! Well, that’s precisely what you can do with this Winterfell Sculpture. Show all that you know the secrets of the North when you hold what cannot be taken!

Game of Thrones Toys

When some hear the title Game of Thrones, they might jump to the conclusion that it’s about traditional games with the extra fun of the monarchy. They’d soon discover a very different kind of fun! Other than the jousting and occasional bouts of chess-like diversions, sure, the world is much more focused on some pretty serious drama. But, that doesn’t mean that the great game can’t be a source of smiles and entertainment for us! With these Game of Thrones themed toys and games, you and your House can play out all your favorite moments and set sights on the Iron Throne, all without having to fear the devious machinations of the Lannisters!

Drogon Plush

Game of Thrones Dragon Jumbo Plush

Ever wondered how cuddly a dragon might be? How long is it safe to let them ride on you before you have to swap? Well, become the Momma of Dragons with your very own Drogon! Remember that this aggressive dragon is named after Daenerys's own Sun and Stars, so he can get a bit...feisty. But, you can’t get a better protector. A few tips: keep him well fed, only let him ride your shoulders for a while since dragons get pretty big, and no fire on the good couch!

Rock Candy Daenerys Figure

Rock Candy Game of Thrones Daenerys Figure

Many Game of Thrones characters are a lot of “same old” with their bad behavior on repeat. And, occasionally, we get a real potential hero who can change their tune. But, it takes a gal like Daenerys Stormborn to really turn the world on its heels as she goes from demure and unsure to the Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains! Highlight the real turning-point for her and the whole newly magical world when you feature Daenerys and Drogo with a sweet Funko figure.

Game of Thrones Costumes

When it comes time to give a gift, the real thing you’re handing out is an experience. The memories of our favorite scenes made permanent thanks to a figure, game, or new favorite mug will be with us for a long time. But, stepping into the role of one of the Game of Thrones characters and becoming one of them?! Well, how often do you get to step into a story and become a hero?! With our costume choices, not only can you give someone the opportunity to live out their warging dreams in Westeros, but you can go right along with them! With the right accessories and props, you can breathe life into all of our awesome Game of Thrones Halloween costumes whether you're talking about an honorable knight, a ferocious White Walker, or the Khaleesi and Mother of Dragons, herself!

Hand of the King Pin

Game of Thrones Hand of the King Metal Pin

No position in all of Westeros is quite so contested as the Hand of the King! Even going through three kings, we’re still at six hands (not counting the contested ones). So, if you’re named Hand, take some tips. Walk with your chest puffed out. Show off your Hand Pin prominently. Don’t take any guff, even from your King or Queen! And, above all: don’t lose your head!

Drogon Shoulder Sitter

Game of Thrones Drogon Shoulder Sitter

So you aim to be the Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi, Breaker of Chains! You’ve got lots of looks to pull from, though! No matter what, you’ll always be a more convincing Mother of Dragons with your dragon on your shoulder than without his presence! One important thing to remember: “Dracarys” is the High Valyrian word for dragonfire. Watch out for those pesky warlocks!

White Walker Ice Sword

Game of Thrones White Walker Sword

Even from the very first moment we watched folks stalk beyond the Wall, we knew that those White Walkers were going to be scary! Glowing eyes and unrelenting frozen flesh? That’s enough to get anyone to shiver. Of course, you can pull out all the stops. Get the ferocious, unblinking eyes going. Then, the horrible growl. And then show them your magical icy sword!

The Night King Mask

Game of Thrones Night King Mask

There are several mysterious secrets to the origin of the White Walkers. Once your enemies think they’re comfortable holding Valyrian steel and Dragonglass, reveal that you have the look of a guy who’s been around for a really long time. Let them figure out exactly how you came to be. Until then, you can simply horrify them with the dreadful glowing eyes of the Night King!