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Ghostbusters Gifts

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When there's something bare on your mantle place? Who you gonna call? Well, if you're looking at Ghostbusters Gifts, you can feel secure in your choice! You actually won't need to be afraid of these ghosts at all. From Pop! figures to Ghostbuster apparel, we have all the Ghostbuster gifts to bring this license to life! 
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Products 1 - 60 of 77

Ghostbusters Gift Ideas

Ray Parker Jr. said it best; “Bustin' makes me feel good!” Ever since the Ghostbusters hit theaters in 1984, it's been making us feel pretty good and we bet someone special in your life loves Egon, Ray, Peter, and Winston as much as we do! Perhaps your crew is a bit more into the animated series where Slimer really got involved in the fun. Maybe you loved the alternate universe where the team of Erin Gilbert, Abby Yates, Jillian Holtzmann, and Patty Tolan went from subway to rooftops in order to clear Manhattan of spirits. And, the adventure doesn't even stop there. Afterlife brings a whole new chapter of Ghostbusters fun when Trevor, Callie, and Mr. Grooberson discover what ghosts and a certain Destroyer have been up to for the last 30 years. With decades of Ghostbusters fun to go around, we have a ton of gifts for your kith and kin! 

Now, obviously we think that you would do well to bring home the whole collection of ghosts, high-tech equipment, and the Ghostbuster teams. But, if you'd like a refresher course in what these folks are up to, hop into our virtual Ecto-1 for a tour of everything Ghostbusters!

The first adventure was in the 1984 film that brought Peter Venkman, Ray Stanz, and Egon Spengler together to explore the possible existence of ghosts and, ultimately, trap them before they caused too much havoc. All those mysterious bumps in the night ended up proving to be a source of major success for the Ghostbusters and they brought Winston Zeddemore on the team as well as the best secretary and part-time hero one could find in Janine Melnitz. The crew gets pretty famous taking down your average evil librarian and muck-covered phantom, but things get gargantuan when Gozer the Destroyer asks what form of punishment they're looking for. Who knew the Keymaster and Gatekeeper together would bring about a giant-sized Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!? 

Well, from evil paintings and animated Statues of Liberty (well, actually only one of each) to the newest explorations of ghostly gripes in a seemingly abandoned cabin, there's more Ghostbusters fun than you can fire a nuclear-powered beam at! That's why we are happy to offer up a ton of great Ghostbusters-themed gifts so you have a bit everything you love! 

Based on the classic supernatural comedies, our Ghostbusters collectibles include Pop! Vinyls from the original and the reboots and collectible apparel that will have you feeling the magic. We even carry Ghostbusters costumes and accessories to let you and your family and friends transform into your favorite characters! We also have all sorts of Ghostbusters sundries that will channel high spirits throughout the day. Toasters to surprise you with treats, lunch boxes to keep your dinners chilly, and drinkware that Slimer hasn't gotten anywhere near! So, hop in Ecto-1 and race your way through our page to find the Ghostbusters collectibles and gifts that will keep you reliving your favorite moments for years to come. 

Ghostbusters Merchandise

Ghosts, gremlins, and every other mythological monster that goes bump in the night have all been haunting, hooting, and harrowing us for generations. Sometimes they’re tricky as they ask you to say “Beetlejuice” three times. Other times, you can just feel them giving you goosebumps. Perhaps once, you’d call upon the might of a knight to confront a wailing specter or search for a local wizard to banish the baddies. Alas, there were no doctors skilled in dealing with them. So the locals would simply have to suffer whatever strange somethings were going on in their neighborhood homes.

But then, it was suddenly 1984 and the Ghostbusters arrived on the scene. Veritable comic heroes with weapons that look a bit like toys, all powered by mad science! It was time to smile, even in the face of gooey ghosts. The Ghostbusters have had many evolutions over the decades, but you can be sure that they are always ready to answer the call. Whether you’re a kooky family of Munsters or a down-to-Earth crew more like the Addams Family, you can bring as much Ghostbusters fun as you like into your home, thanks to our collection of officially licensed Ghostbusters merchandise!

Ghostbusters Accessories

When you’re looking for the right gift for a geeky kiddo or a friend with the perfect dose of ‘80s style, you can’t go wrong by helping them gear up with Ghostbusters stuff! You’ll find an assortment of trendy apparel that makes for great Ghostbuster gift ideas as well as a collection of adult and kid’s Ghostbusters socks that will scare off even the most spectral of chills! Combine your normal wear with some of our Ghostbusters costume accessories, because everyone knows that strapping a licensed nuclear accelerator to their back is a fantastic way to give a real gift for Ghostbusters fans! Take a look at this collection of Ghostbusters stuff to inspire the perfect gift for you and yours!

Ghostbusters Backpacks

Ghostbusters Backpacks

Getting ready for an adventure requires that you have all the right equipment. And, if you can’t carry around a nuclear-powered device on your back, the next best thing is an awesome backpack that features the look of the iconic proton pack! Stuff all your best Ghostbusting gear inside... or even some back-to-school goodies.

Ghostbusters Shirts

Ghostbusters Shirt

Uniforms can get stuffy. That’s true even if you’re talking about the official garb of the Ghostbusters! When you’re not actively running around in haunted libraries or climbing up a certain classic statue, you can still be part of the team without a sweat! All you need is a Ghostbusters T-Shirt that shows your fandom on your sleeve.

Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Ghostbusters Proton Pack

When a regular bag isn’t enough for your needs, be sure that you have the genuine look of an official Ghostbusters Proton Pack. There are several exclusive varieties to choose from. Some that act like backpacks with convenient pockets for your ghosty gadgets. Others light up and shriek whenever you activate them. One for every mission!

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Prop

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Toy

Did you ever wonder what the ‘Busters do when they finally capture one of their ghosts? Some say that the Containment Unit is like a big bottle of ions that keeps the creeps from escaping. Others think it is an extra dimension entirely. But it all starts with the Ghost Trap. That's why it's critical that every Ghostbuster keeps one buckled up at their side!

Ghostbusters Collectibles

Not every Ghostbusters gift has to be worn on your sleeve just to show how much you love the movies, shows, and video games! We have plenty of ways that you can display your geeky fandom right around your home. Give your kitchen a haunted edge without actually inviting any specters to muck up your place. (We saw what that phantasmal force did to Dana’s cooking area!) Decorate your den with some exclusive Ghostbusters merch that you may not find anywhere else, or give a collectible as the very first cool Ghostbusters gift a friend may need for their housewarming. (There’s nothing quite like knowing you have a friendly Marshmallow Man keeping their sweet treats safe!)

Funko Pop! Ghostbusters Figures

Funko Pop Ghostbusters

Everyone loves Funko. It’s right there in the name! They’re cute. They’re collectible. And when you combine them with your favorite fandoms like Ghostbusters, you can even bring your favorite movie moments to life. Find each and every one of the Ghostbusters gang when you start with our collection of Ghostbusters Pop! figures.

Ghostbusters Decorations

Ghostbusters Decorations

Whether you’re hosting a ghost-themed party, putting together the ultimate movie marathon, or need to design a conference room or two with one of the best themes out there, who ya gonna call!? Well, unfortunately, the Ghostbusters themselves aren’t much for decorating rooms. That’s why you can check out our Ghostbusters décor!

Ghostbusters Party Decorations

Ghostbusters Party Decorations

Remember when your kiddos asked for a birthday bash that was unlike any other? (Remember when you still wanted that same kind of excitement even as an adult?) Fortunately, there’s no end to the fun when you call on the surprise of a Ghostbusters Party! Naturally, you’ll want to deck the halls with all the best Ghostbusters party stuff!

Ghostbusters Memorabilia

Ghostbusters Memorabilia

Do you remember your favorite line from a Ghostbusters movie? Do you find ways to quote it whenever possible? (We sure do.) We all know to say Yes when weirdo demons ask us if we are gods and we definitely know how to pronounce a name like Vigo. How? Well, when you have all of this memorabilia to keep it fresh in your mind, you can’t lose!

Original Ghostbusters Toys

Let’s be honest. Some folks join up with the Ghostbusters because they are interested in parapsychology. Others just want to find some proof that the Supernatural exists at all. Some need a decent paycheck or prefer the unique work hours available in the ghostbusting occupation. But really, the thing that brings everyone to team up and take a ride in Etco-1 are the toys. These go well beyond the standard STEM inventions because we’re dealing with high science, mysterious physics… the kind of theory that Doc Brown and Sheldon Cooper could only dream of! Now you and yours won’t need to get your doctorate just to fire up one of these babies. Take your pick of our collection of the coolest Ghostbusters gifts out there: noisy, flashy, inventive (and sometimes cuddly) Ghostbusters toys!

Playmobil Ghostbusters Toys

Playmobil Ghostbusters Toys

Some of the best stories from Ghostbusters aren’t the ones that we’ve seen in the movies. They’re the ones that we can create ourselves. All it takes is bringing your favorite characters together and putting them into some really spooky situations. Fortunately, Playmobil and Ghostbusters combine to conjure up really big smiles!

Ghostbusters Plush Toys

Ghostbusters Plush

Folks usually assume that ghosts are scary, slimy, or even scaley. (You did see those Terror Dogs, right!? What’s up with those!?) But we’re here to tell you that ectoplasmic entities come in all shapes, sizes, and textures, too. If you want to hunt down some ghosts to cuddle them rather than trap them, look no further than our Ghostbusters stuffed toys!

Ghostbusters Proton Blaster Toys

Ghostbusters Proton Blaster Toy

Whether snacking or spooking, ghosts can create quite a mess of a day. We’d like to hope that they’ll always be on their best behavior... but let’s just say that they are spirited for a reason. When it’s time to strap on your boots and jump into your jumpsuits, be sure that you have your Ghostbusters toy weapons, too. (They’re the flashiest part of the gear!)

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Sets

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Toy

We all know who we call when there is something strange in the neighborhood. But what are the Ghostbusters supposed to call when they need a little extra help!? Every group of heroes needs a car emblazoned with their logo, so you can be sure that they're dialing up the Ecto-1! With our Ghostbusters Ecto-1 toys, you’ll always have the wheels you need.

Ghostbusters Costumes

Of course, we haven't mentioned one critical gift of Ghostbusters glory yet. Sure, you can let the 'Busters know that you're on their side. But what about actually joining the squad? While you might not be able to become a member of your favorite NFL team or just mosey up to the Justice League like you belong, the Ghostbusters are a bit more welcoming than others! Just prove that you can look a ghost in the eye without running for the hills and you will earn your patch. First things first, gear up in one of our officially licensed Ghostbusters costumes and you'll look and feel the part in a snap. There's no greater gift than a kiddo’s first dress-up party, the nostalgia of your favorite film, or a Halloween filled with Ghostbusters fun! Now, choose the form of the ultimate Ghostbusters costume!

Classic Ghostbusters Costumes

Men's Ghostbusters Costume

Teaming up with the original Ghostbusters isn't as hard as you might think. Heck, Louis Tully managed to gear up just in time to blast some goo. (They’re usually in need of some extra help.) With a classic Ghostbusters costume, you and yours can choose to be any one of the original team or create a new character all your own!

Ghostbusters Costumes for Women

Women's Ghostbusters Costume

2016 brought us a reboot of the Ghostbusters universe as well as a team of women who really know how to give ghosts something to worry about! If you’re a gal wondering where your Ghostbusters gear is hiding, we’re happy to show you some splendid options! Join the guys or make it an all-woman Ghostbusters group costume!

Ghostbusters Costumes for Kids

Kids Ghostbusters Costumes

Wanna know a way to really trick the ghosts? Just get a team of Ghostbusters who don’t look quite like what they’d expect! Whether you want to bring a bit of Ghostbusters: Afterlife to life or stir up some classic fun for the newest generation, our collection of Kid’s Ghostbusters costumes are perfect. The only struggle is picking the cutest one!

Slimer Costumes

Slimer Costume

Nobody can deny that the Ghostbusters are iconic characters. But there’s one guy who glows brighter in our minds than any other. Unfortunately, he has a unique way of leaving his print on your house. Rather than deal with any ghostly goo, Slimer gifts are the way to go! Start with an exclusive Slimer costume to leave your mark on any event.

Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man Costumes

Marshmallow Man Costume

What’s sweet, larger than life, and the perfect form for the Destructor? Well, the best answer out there is anyone in your family wearing an officially licensed Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume. No strange hauntings or curious demigods required. Just suit up in an inflatable or fluffy tunic and you’re ready for some serious Ghostbusters fun!

Ghostbusters Gozer Costumes

Gozer Costumes

Some folks will want a bit of power no matter the situation. Now, we can't really recommend that everyone go the way of a supernatural deity of destruction, but we can't deny that Gozer has a way of really creating some powerful memories. (We already talked about those amazing Ghostbusters quotes, after all.)

Ghostbusters Pet Costumes

Ghostbusters Pet Costume

Who are you going to call when there’s an extra ball in your neighborhood or when you spill some food (and it don’t look good)? How about when things are running down the street or there's a big fluffy dog in your bed? Yep. Time to call the Woofbusters! We’ll have your pup geared up for anything with a Ghostbusters costume for dogs!

Ghostbusters Baby Costumes

Baby Ghostbusters Costumes

Your littlest ones might not be ready to cross the streams or trigger any Ghost Traps, but they will be the most adorable thing that any spirits out there have ever seen. Slip your baby into a Ghostbusters costume for infants and watch as everyone’s eyes go wide and the adorable babble begins. You will hardly know what possessed them all!