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Stuffed animals are the best, they're cute and always ready for playtime! With them, tea parties are never empty, impromptu battles are always filled, and bedtime is always accompanied by a friend. What other toy is as versatile? So whether your kiddo is looking to upgrade or just get some more attendee's to their tea parties or battles we've got a wide selection of cute stuffed animals for them to choose from. 
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POP Plush: General Mills- Trix Cereal Box
Sale - 50%
POP Plush: Kelloggs- Froot Loops Cereal Box
Sale - 50%
Products 1 - 60 of 313

Cute Stuffed Animals

Some things are so cute you could almost cry. Well, you may want to get your tissue box ready when shopping our pages. We offer a wide selection of plush that is too cute to be true! Whether your kiddo accidentally lost their previous plush and they're looking for a replacement or they just want another addition to their stuffed pals, we've got options! The hardest part? Choosing only one...but then again who said you had to?

Funny Stuffed Animals

After a long hard day at school, it's nice to come home, grab a juice box, and plop onto your bed for a good laugh. While some may opt for stuffed animals that are cute as a button others may prefer one that will make them smile. Food stuffed animals can also be a great idea for these. After all, nothing is better than a stuffed taco smiling at you after a busy day

Hand Puppets for Kids

It's showtime! Grab your puppets and...wait...what do you mean you don't have puppets? Well, I guess that's why you're here, but at least you've come to the right place. We have puppets galore that are perfect for your kiddo's next performance!