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Legend of Zelda Gifts

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To do list: swipe at some grass, throw some pots, and annoy those chickens! You must be playing The Legend of Zelda... When you're not running around Hyrule you should be sporting some Zelda merchandise. We've got hoodies, shirts, and a ton of other Zelda gifts that feature both Princess Zelda and Link. While your quest for the Triforce continues, the quest for cool Nintendo stuff has come to an end right here.
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Boys Legend of Zelda Sleep Set
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Zelda Shield Backpack
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Nintendo Zelda Green Snap Back Hat
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Legend of Zelda Hyrule Glass
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Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Backpack-1
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Zelda Triforce LED USB Light-Up Tree
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Zelda Triforce Light-Up Tree Topper
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Nintendo Original Game Boy Costume Juniors Tank
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Legend of Zelda Link Sword
Link Breath of the Wild Deluxe Child Costume
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Child Tan Pants
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Adult Tan Pants
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Link Hylian Adult Ears
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Products 1 - 60 of 68

Everyone knows the scoop. You need to collect the boomerang, the hero's bow, the shield and probably a whole plethora of other tools. Then, you can defeat Ganondorf, save Princess Zelda and become the totally rad hero of Hyrule that folks talk about for ages. Even though the Legend of Zelda series is pretty predictable, it still doesn't stop how much fun each game is. That's why we've crawled through all the dungeons and defeated all of the bosses just to bring you this collection of items based on the video game series!


These Legend of Zelda Gifts bring you tons of cool swag from Link's own collection! From handy bags that carry all your tools and gear, to apparel made specifically for adventuring across Hryule, to toy Master Swords (because face it, you've always wanted a sword of your own), we have plenty of great items to choose from. You can even find highly collectible action figures of your favorite Nintendo character right here!

Legend of Zelda Gifts

What does it take to be a legend? In the world of Hyrule, you need a bag full of mismatched tools, a sword, and a whole lot of courage. After all, in just about every iteration of The Legend of Zelda, Link isn’t much more than a simple farm kid. He just happens to have the guts to stand up to evil. Of course, he does generally go on to fight against armies of Moblins, crawling through creepy dungeons in the process. Let’s not forget all of those nasty bosses that he goes toe-to-toe with. Okay, so maybe it isn’t easy to claim the title of legend in the land of Hyrule, but it is much easier to become a legendary gift giver when you select one of our many Legend of Zelda gifts!

We offer a huge selection of Zelda-themed gifts based on the hit video game series. If you’re shopping for the gamer in your life, you just need to select an item that matches their unique sensibilities. Do that and you’ll be known as a legendary gift-giver in your circle of friends and family. Don’t worry, though. We’ll be here to help guide you through the tough decision of finding the perfect gift. We have everything from themed Shiekah Slate lamps to pint glasses, notebooks, and hats based on the game. Read below to find some excellent gift giving tips and to see some of our favorite Legend of Zelda collectibles.

Legend of Zelda Gifts

Legend of Zelda Toys

We can’t talk about gifts without mentioning some of these awesome toys based on the video game. Toys are just children’s playthings these days. Adults have no shame in capturing a piece of their childhood by grabbing toys of the things they love, so don’t be afraid to get some cool Link toys for grown-ups. The Legend of Zelda toys we carry include everything from collectible action figures to toy weapons and even some board games that let you take the adventure to your board game night!

Legend of Zelda Board Games

Legend of Zelda Board Games

We love board games! They’re a great way to spend an evening with your friends, socializing, strategizing, and now, with these Legend of Zelda board games, sharing your favorite video game with friends. This Zelda Clue game turns you and your friends into a super sleuth! It’s a new twist on the classic board game. If you’re looking for the kind of game that lets you plan one on one with your Zelda fan, then you might want to consider this Legend of Zelda puzzle. It has themed game pieces, including Link and Ganon king pieces!

Legend of Zelda Accessories

Legend of Zelda Accessories

After sinking countless hours into Breath of the Wild, it’s tough not to imagine yourself slaying monsters and collecting cool magical items. And everyone who plays totally wants a Master Sword of their own. The great news is that this foam Legend of Zelda sword lets anyone own a safe replica of Link’s signature weapon. We also have a matching Hylian shield, which will help any adventurer block blows from imaginary baddies… or at the very least make a very awesome collectible to be displayed on a bedroom wall! Both are also great additions to any cosplay outfit if you’re buying a gift for a serious cosplayer.

Legend of Zelda Collectibles

How dedicated is the gamer in your life? Do they just casually play now and again, or do they sneak references to Rupees, Hookshots, and the Triforce into daily conversation? Do they own any high-quality collectibles? Do they give you updates on the Super Smash Bros. metagame without any provocation? Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, then you probably have a hardcore gamer on your hands. These types can be even more difficult to buy for since they often demand the utmost craftsmanship in their video game memorabilia. Of course, we have some pretty outstanding Legend of Zelda collectibles to choose from, so you’ll be fully prepared to buy for the hardcore Zelda fan.

Zelda Statues

Legend of Zelda Statues

Link has found himself in the middle of some pretty perilous predicaments during his tenure as Hyrule's premier hero. He’s traveled by boat, strode across the plains by horse, and he’s even hung out on a giant floating continent in the sky. Each game has thrown new challenges at him and he never seems to disappoint in his ability to save the day. Of course, some things are always the same! You can always find Link wielding his trusty weapons, like the Hero’s Bow and Master Sword. These beautiful Zelda statues give you two different version of Link wielding his signature weapons, including a version from Skyward Sword and one from the Nintendo Switch’s Breath of the Wild.

Zelda Figures

Legend of Zelda Figures

Statues are great, but sometimes, you just need the flexibility to pose Link in your own creation of daring poses. Of course, now we're talking about action figure territory! It wasn’t that long ago that action figures were a mere kid’s toy. They were things like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, designed for youngsters to infuse their play sessions with their wild imaginations. Well, those kids that were playing with action figures as kids sort of grew up, and now they want Zelda figures! We have these collectible and highly poseable action figures based on Link, including this Skyward Sword Link figure and this adorable Nendoroid Legend of Zelda collectible figure from Breath of the Wild. Both are a great choice for a hardcore gamer.

Legend of Zelda Costumes

We’ve covered gifts for the hardcore gamer. Now, what about a fan who’s one step above that? We’re talking about the cosplayer. Cosplayers are a certain brand of fan who want to actually live in their favorite character’s shoes for a day. Some of them craft elegant costumes and some of the Legend of Zelda accessories we’ve seen them make are completely out of this world! Unfortunately, not every fan with the cosplayer spirit has the costume-making skills to match. For those sorts of Zelda fans, one of these Legend of Zelda costumes would be a welcome gift!

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Costumes

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Costumes

Let’s start off with the hottest outfits, which come in the form of these Legend of Zelda Halloween costumes. These costumes are affordable, easy to wear, and make for a great entry to the cosplaying world. Since they’re Breath of the Wild costumes, they’re also based on the most popular game of the series to date, so they will definitely get a lot of attention at the next convention. We carry sizes of Link costumes for both men and women.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Shirts

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Shirts

Sometimes, comfort is more important than costume accuracy. After all, if you play on heading to a convention, fans might be spending plenty of hours in a packed room and it might be more comfortable to wear a t-shirt. The great news is that with these Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild t-shirts, you can still help your Zelda fan cosplay in comfort. Each shirt is designed to look like Link’s signature tunic from the game. That makes it a casual choice for the cosplayer who needs to keep comfort in mind. We have styles for both men and women!

Zelda Costumes for Kids

Kids Zelda Costumes

Kids have a pretty vivid imagination. After just a few short minutes of playing Breath of the Wild, they may just want to head to the backyard to battle against a few imaginary foes. These Legend of Zelda Link costumes for kids help them get excited about imaginative play and give them a reason to step away from the video game while still getting their Zelda fix in for the day. We carry this Princess Zelda costume for wise young girls who want to wield the Triforce of Wisdom and we also have the iconic Link costume for kids, which will have any child ready to do battle with Ganon.

Zelda Costumes for Adults

Adult Zelda Costumes

Even adults love to dress in costume these days! It’s not uncommon to see grown-ups venturing out into the world wearing this Legend of Zelda Halloween costumes when October 31st hits. Something about wearing this Link costume helps you relive those fond memories of traversing the world in the original Nintendo game. And this women’s Zelda costume makes anyone feel capable of ruling all of Hyrule. Those feelings are a pretty powerful gift to give the gamer in your life.

Legend of Zelda Apparel

If costumes are a little too eccentric for your gift giving tastes, then how about something that anyone can use? Everyone needs apparel! We’re talking t-shirts, cool hats, socks, hoodies, and whatever else you need to prepare for the day. Of course, we have a large selection of Legend of Zelda apparel, which any Zelda gamer can appreciate, from serious, hardcore fans to those who just sort of like a few of the games. We’ve gathered up a few of our favorite selections that we think are quick and easy gift options.

Majora’s Mask Shirt

Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Shirt

This Majora’s Mask t-shirt for adults brings you the spooky Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask. We like this shirt, specifically because it’s a deeper cut than most Legend of Zelda t-shirts. Majora’s Mask was less mainstream than some of the other Zelda games, making it a cult classic among gamers. This shirt is best suited for those who grew up in the Nintendo 64 age, or for the hardcore gamers.

Zelda Tank Top

Legend of Zelda Tank Top

Nothing rings in the summer weather like a new tank top! Any girl gamer who’s spent a healthy amount of time-saving Hyrule from imminent doom will definitely appreciate this Zelda tank top for women. It’s a simple design based on Majora’s Mask from N64, so it strikes a chord with many old-school gamers who got play it the first time around.

Zelda Hoodie

Legend of Zelda Hoodie

Let’s not forget about hoodies. Yes, the humble hoodie may be the greatest article of clothing ever invented! They also do a great job of helping you stay cozy during the autumn and winter weather. If you have a Zelda fan with a fall birthday, then this Zelda hoodie for women is an easy choice. With a beautiful design in front and “The Legend of Zelda” proudly printed on the front, they’re going to love it!

Breath of the Wild Socks

Legend of Zelda Breadth of the Wild Socks

Socks are a necessity of life. It’s true. In fact, socks are one of the true grown-up pleasures that you never fully understand until you’re an adult. Have you cracked open a brand new, fresh package of socks and then slipped them onto your feet. It’s practically a magical moment! Well, now you can give the gift of that special feeling with these Breath of the Wild socks. Each one has a different style based on the video game.

Legend of Zelda Home Décor

When you’re a true fan of the Legend of Zelda, it’s hard to keep your enthusiasm in the game! That’s when you need Legend of Zelda home décor items, which can also be an awesome gift for any hardcore fan of the series. We have everything from Hyrule-themed drinkware to some really great lighting options to help brighten up a home. Check out some of the best home items below.

Legend of Zelda Mugs

Legend of Zelda Mugs

We can start with a pretty obvious necessity for any home and office situation: mugs. Whether you drink tea, coffee, or just a spot of water, everyone needs their own unique mug. What better way to drink your beverage of choice than a Zelda mug? We have a Zelda cartridge shaped mug because we all remember how magical a moment holding that golden cartridge your hands for the very first time was . We also have a golden mug that features Link playing his Ocarina, and to top it all off we have a Breath of the Wild mug. They’re the perfect vessel for drinking your morning coffee!

Legend of Zelda Lamps

Legend of Zelda Lamps

Crafting the perfect look for a room is about cultivating a certain glow. And sometimes, that’s quite literal! The right mood lighting can really pull a room together, which is why we love these Zelda-themed lamps. Each one helps turn a room into a quest to save Hyrule! The heart lamp helps you feel energized for any battle. The Rupee lamp makes you feel as though you’ve found a priceless treasure and the Triforce lamp? Well, that lamp might just make you feel courageous enough to take on Ganon himself.

Zelda Tri-Force Mirror

Legend of Zelda Triforce Mirror

Everyone takes a quick look in the mirror before heading out into the day. After all, you need to make sure you don’t have a splotch of toothpaste left on your lip! What if you could turn that look in the mirror into a totally inspirational moment? This Zelda mirror does exactly that! That glance at the mirror will have you seeing yourself inside the figure of the Triforce! It has Link, Zelda, and Ganon frosted into their respective sections.

Link Master Sword

Link Master Sword

Finally, you can never go wrong with the classic Master Sword. It can slay Ganon, help you uncover Rupees, and you can even use it to battle against common Moblins. It’s the sort of thing that every Zelda fan dreams about holding in their hands. This toy version of the weapon is a safe way for anyone, child or adult, to indulge in their Zelda infatuation!