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Pokémon has certainly come a long way! It began as just a fun way to pass time on the middle school playground with your pals. You’d bring your Game Boy Pocket to recess, swap an Ekans for a Sandshrew and life was good. Then, the anime series came out and we got to watch Ash train with Pikachu. A few more games and a sensational mobile phone game release, now there’s just about no one left in the world who hasn’t embraced the Pokémon world!
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Products 1 - 60 of 70

We remember the days when there were only 150 Pokémon (151 if you count that hidden one). We come to love all those crazy critters and even some of the other ones that have come afterward. That’s also why we’ve started gathering the greatest collection of Pokémon costumes ever! A Pokémon costume can be a great way for kids and adults alike to express their love of the video game series. We’ve got some of the best styles to sate the needs of both! Just check out some of the great options we have.

The highlight of our collection of costumes has to be our selection of costumes for kids. From Charizard to Pikachu, your little one will be able to find a look that suits their style. We have plenty of standard jumpsuit costumes for your child, along with cute dresses designed for girl fans of the video game series. We also have plenty of styles designed that can be worn as everyday apparel as well! Just check out our Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charizard hoodies, which work great as quick and easy costumes, or as a way to keep warm in autumn. Don’t go thinking that we left the adults out! We also carry Pokémon costumes for adults, which includes classic Pokémon styles, like Pikachu, along with a variety of dresses, hoodies, and jumpsuits. We even have costumes that will transform you, or your child, into a classic red and white Poké Ball!

Of course, you could always take it up a notch. Why be a simple Pikachu, when you could be Detective Pikachu! Find a small brown hat and match it up with one of our yellow jumpsuits and you're ready for some action-packed detective work. And you can choose which voice you want to use while in costume: a high-pitched "pika pika" or your best impression of Ryan Reynolds, who voices Pikachu in Detective Pikachu

Not into dressing like a Pokémon? Maybe you want to STEAL Pokémon from other trainers! Well, then you can find your calling in the ranks of Team Rocket. Just slip into any of our Jessie or James costumes to begin your new life as a villain! Be sure to check out the matching wigs, which come in sizes for both kids and adults.

You can also check out our many quick and easy cosplay options if you plan on heading to an anime convention. You can find plenty of alternate options for dressing like a Pokémon that don’t force you into a full costume look. We have a full array of Pokémon style sunglasses, including Pikachu and Ash. We have various headbands styles, like Eevee and Pikachu. You can even find some cool accessories like Poké Balls to add to your outfit! Whatever style you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here with our selection of costumes. You’ll be out there catching them all in no time!